NECC Bloggers and session specific tags

NECC has set up their bloggers page, a great list of people blogging the conference. If you’re not on the list, no worries (I wasn’t last year) you can still blog. Just make sure you tag your posts with necc, necc07, necc2007.

NECC has also done something else cool this year. They have given each session its own tag, so you can follow the conversations from a specific session you attended. Check out the online programs page where you can find the tag for each session. On the details page of each session there will be a Technorati link that will show all the blog posts for that session. NECC has done some great work around using blogs to extend this conference.

One other tag you might want to add is the presenters name. Now if we could only all agree how this tag would work. Do we tag it jeffutecht or jeff utecht (do capitals matter?). Maybe this is something we can discuss at the edubloggercon….you are going right?


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  1. I think NO SPACE —
    and WOO HOO — can’t wait to mee you!!!

    Jennifer Wagner

  2. Hey here’s a thought, why don’t we encourage presenters to mention the session-specific blog tag (maybe even put it on the first slide of their presentation) as well as the main necc ones so that we encourage bloggers!

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