Learning Headache

Have you ever found a couple blog posting one right after another that hit you so hard and send your head into a tailspin that you get a serious headache from it? I hope its not just me!

I just got done reading the Connectivism blog. I’ve been meaning too for a couple weeks now, and finally today took my lunch time to read. (My PD for the day) I don’t even know what to say other than if you haven’t read the latest three posting from George Siemens you are missing out on some amazing material. It’s not that anything he says is new, it’s just the way he says it and I guess the fact that my beliefs about education, learning, etc is reinforced by someone like George Siemens. I feel it allows me to say “See I know what I’m talking about…quit looking at me like that.” It’s not just George it’s everyone in my bloglines account and others I’m adding.

All this after I read Vicki Davis’s latest blog entry entitled Giddy-up or Give it up? Lessons from my day with President Carter! My only question after reading Vicki’s post is: How do I get teachers to have some giddy-up rather then give up?

Instead of saying: “Here we go again.” they say “What can I learn.” Instead of “I don’t understand this stuff.” they say “How do I learn this?”

Teachers (not all, but I would say the majority at this point…or at least the majority I know.) want to pretend that technology doesn’t exist that it’s this scary thing that we want to lock up and only let out on certain occasions, like once a week during lab time.

So after all my reading today I’m struggling with these two questions:

How do we get teachers to have some giddy-up, or should they have it already?

How do we change our focus from content to process? To understand that the connections and the process of finding information is more important than the information itself.

Time for Advil

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