K12online Shanghai LAN party

I’ve been really busy lately, but having a night like we had last night makes it all worth it. Last night was our first of four Shanghai LAN parties around the K12online conference. We had some great food that my Ayi (Maid) made for us, drinks, and just plain fun!

This podcast is our discussion about David Warlick’s keynote for the conference.

Sitting in the room were:

6th Science Teacher
MS/ES Principal
8th Math Teacher
Elementary Counselor
Elementary Technology Teacher
Head of Chinese Programs
Elementary Librarian

In the middle of the podcast it hit me that I, for the first time in my life, was talking tech with more women than men. Andy Torris, the Principal in the group, was the only other male there with me. Brought back memories of teaching 4th grade where I was one of two males in the whole school. How cool to get a chance to talk tech with the women. I enjoyed it.

So here it is, the first of many podcasts here at The Thinking Stick around the K12online conference.

Update: Pictures of the LAN party

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