ISTE….getting into the read/write web

I just received an ISTE update e-mail where they link to their new profile/blog in myspace and their new headquarters in Second Life. Now I’m liking this! ISTE is starting to use the tools we’ve been talking about. How cool is it they set up a myspace account. Gee, sorry all you out there who’s schools block myspace. Is this a statement? If it is….I love it!

If this is the direction that ISTE is going in 2007 then I’m already looking forward to NECC! I’d love to see a presentation at NECC this year that was held in person and in Second Life at the same time. Is that going to be an option for presenters…think of the audience you could attract! ISTE….great move to start 2007!

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  1. Apple created a myspace page for the iphone: It is male looking for a Zune (though there not many around).

    They had previously done that with the ipod nanos…

  2. My presentation at NECC this year will be held in person and in Second Life at the same time. Please see, “Ramapo Islands: Another Dimension of Learning” in NECC program. This project is also blogged at: I was hoping there would be friendly faces in the audience! Thanks for the validation!

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