I think I'm ready for EARCOS

After dragging my wife away from the beach, we’re back in Bangkok ready for the conference to begin tomorrow. I’m just putting the finishing touches on my wiki handout site (click the wiki link in the nav bar at the top) and making some final adjustments to the presentations.

My first presentation tomorrow is on Podcasting, but in the list of presentations they put a wiki description. That should be interesting. A wiki podcast presentation…that will stretch me. 😉

Our opening keynote tomorrow is from Jean-Francois Rischard titled High Noon: The Urgent Need for New Approaches to Global Problem-Solving.

Sounds interesting enough…I’ll blog it, but there is no wireless. I know this isn’t a tech conference, and I’ll probably be the only geek blogging it, but shouldn’t wireless just be a MUST at any conference in this day in age? I can’t believe that a hotel of this caliber wouldn’t already have it in place. Frustrating really.

I also have my camera with me and hope to capture some pictures from the conference to add a little visual aspect.

OK, off to meet Justin Medved for a drink. I’ve been talking with Justin for over a year now and he’s been a great resource from the International School of Bangkok to bounce ideas off of. Only having a one hour time difference has allowed us to Skype ideas back and forth.


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