Going off the grid for a week

A student told me the other day that “going off the grid” is the new cool way to say I’m out of touch for a couple of days.

It’s National Day here in China, which means starting next week we get 4 days off of school. We don’t get 3 day weekends here. Instead we save all those up for longer breaks. Which teachers like as it allows us to travel…the real reason we’re here.

It couldn’t have come at a better time after the post yesterday on the Techlearning Blog. My goal of writing that piece was to make you think…hopefully it did.

My wife has already told me that I’m not allowed on the Internet for the 5 days we’re gone. It’s time  to go off the grid reflect and recharge. We are headed to a wonderful place called Lijiang. If interested you can read about it here and here. There are also some beautiful pictures of Lijiang on flickr here. With a surrounding like this, who would want to be online anyway. I just ask that you not discuss anything while I’m gone. 😉

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  1. Have a great time! I just wanted to let you know that I really like your citations article. I think you are right and you have identified what will become the norm for a variety of reasons. not the least of which is that using links leads us to more accessible source material and allows the reader to construct their own meaning in a way that reference pages will never do. I’ve posted more about it on my blog.

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