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Received this e-mail today. How cool is it that I can be like Doug Johnson and have people requesting to use my material. Of course I’m no where near Doug’s prestige, but hey, it’s a start!

The videos are part of a Web 2.0 series I’m doing for the teachers at my school. I have a blog called U Tech Tips and send out a weekly newsletter to 300 plus teachers. Mostly in my district, but with the blog the reader base is slowly expanding. If you want to be added to the newsletter mailing list. You can complete a contact form on the blog.

Hello  Jeff Utecht,

I am writing from Parole Citoyenne <http://citoyen.onf.ca/onf/info> and
CitizenShift <http://citizen.nfb.ca/onf/info>, the National Film Board of
Canada’s social issues and activism websites.

We are organizing an “Autonomous Media Night” in Montreal, Canada on May, the 3rd.

Our evening aims to discuss tools on the internet for media democracy  (see
description below)

We are looking for some short videos in order to screen them before our

We are really interested in showing   “A guide to using del.icio.us in the
classroom ” and “Using the Web 2.0 write up in Wikipedia this video is to help teach educators about Web 2.0 tools”

we first watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1pOsYjCvE8  and


*      Would you give us permission to screen your short at our free event
which is open to the public (we are expecting about approximately 200

*      Do you have a high quality copy (that we could receive by mail or by
file transfer protocol on the web)?

*      Do you know any other video documents that could be appropriate for
our event?

Thanks a lot for considering our request.

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