COETAIL Site Redesign

CIRCLE-RGB-100pxI am pretty excited to talk about the new redesigned site that we launched a few weeks ago now on the COETAIL (Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy) site. Head on over and take a look and see what you think.

This has been a fun project to work on with our developer Foliovision. Websites have always been a hobby of mine and looking back on it, it was designing websites that got me into technology in the first place. Check out my first ever website…I actually got paid to make this. They bought the software I made the site. Man…that is the original era of the animated .gif! 🙂

Anyway…it’s crazy to look back to where web design was in 2001 and where it is now. Man how times have changed!

A couple of things to check out:

  • Infinite scroll: Scroll to the bottom of the blog posts coming from the community and 8 more load automatically. With Google Reader going away many of our participants have turned to this new front page as a replacement which is leading to more cross-commenting between our cohorts.
  • Site Wide Tags: This has been around for awhile but we brought it to the front to help participants understand how tags work and how you can use them when you’re looking for information across the site for a specific topic.
  • Responsive Design: This is where the web is heading and what I love is that you can look at the site on any size device and the theme auto adjusts and looks great on any size screen.


Most of all we keep the community first and foremost on the site. It’s about creating connections and moving teachers along a path to understanding true technology integration. The program continues to grow and we continue to, I think, make it better. Kim and I are excited where all this is going and excited about the changes we are seeing in the participants, in their classrooms, and the impact this program has had on whole schools around the world.

We do have a new cohort starting in February and like the rest it’s filling up fast if you are interested.