1. Welcome back to Shanghai. I’ve enjoyed your tweets throughout the Summer. It reminded me of my travels from San Diego to Vancouver via Seattle along 101 in the Summer of 1994 when I was an exchange student at UCSD.

    I’ve just found a program called migratr for moving flickr pictures to another photosharing service. It’s been buggy for me, but it might work for you if you want to move to Picasa, Photobucket, etc.

  2. and guess where Apple’s MacBook Pro’s are being made, most likely in the same location as the OLPC’s

  3. Whoo! I get a nosebleed just looking at that skyscraper!

  4. God how I envy you!!!!

  5. Off topic I’m afraid but…I’m tagging you with the “8 Random Things Meme”. Click over to Nexus, http://nexus.ontarioblogs.com to get the instructions and read my random facts!

  6. The Shanghai World Financial Centre was completed late last year and stands 492 metres tall. The SWFC stands as a symbol of China’s progress.


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