1. Thanks for sharing this video. Also, there is an excellent podcast interview w/ Wesch and Seedlings at link to bobsprankle.com I listened to the podcast at least twice and find the video equally thought provoking!

  2. Thanks Jeff for sharing this video. I was glad to hear him say that with some of the newer Web 2.0 tools there are no digital natives; we are all learning how to use these tools for learning.


  1. fivbert - RTJutecht A Portal to Media Literacy http://bit.ly/3StQqg
  2. Sinikka Laakio-W - Watching A Portal to Media Literacy http://bit.ly/r3o6j (via @jutecht)
  3. Rob Fisher(baldfury) - watching Michael Wesch again from a U of M talk last year http://tinyurl.com/nuzu2c thanks @jutecht
  4. tstephens - A Portal to Media Literacy http://bit.ly/3StQqg
  5. Liz Kolb - @suewaters No newer examples yet...very surprised, but am also going to show http://www.thethinkingstick.com/a-portal-to-media-literacy

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