My wife is at a conference in Taipei, Taiwan this weekend (another stamp in the passport) which mean I’m left here all alone with my computer. That’s usually not a good thing. I’ve been wanting to change the look of The Thinking Stick, so today I dove in, found a nice theme that I could work with and spent the day learning more about php. So, here is a run down of the new plugins and theme. Still messing with it a little bit, but for the most part it’s pretty complete.

Theme: Unnamed One – I wanted something that tool advantage of WordPress 2.0. If you click on the open/close button in the right hand corner a slide drops down with some hidden info for you…I’m still deciding what should go here.

Extreme Video Plugin – The easiest way to get video into your WordPress site in my opinion.

PDA plugin – Allows you to view the site on a PDA. I’ll be taking my Palm T5 with me to Vietnam. I want to see if this allows me to post to my blog from there…will test it out this week.

Ultimate Tag Warrior– I couldn’t get this to work propertly with the old theme I was using, but it’s working great with this one. So now instead of using categories for my post, I can tag them on the fly.

Sidebar Widget– If you’re not using this and a widget ready theme…you’re working way to hard.

Podpress– The best way to embed podcasts and videos into your site. If you’re a podcaster on a WordPress theme use it!

Page Links To– Allows you to create a page that links to a page outside of your blog such as my Wiki up there at the top.

One year ago– I found this one a week or so ago and got it working today. A cool little plugin that will display a postings from a year ago. It’s kind of fun to go back and see what I was posting a year ago that same day.

Edublogger and Edublogosphere plugins– By Chris Craft these allow you to submit a post to these two Digg like sites for the edublogophere. Edublogger and Edublogosphere

Random Header plugin– Each time you refresh or visit the site there will be a new header. I have 8 that I made today…all pictures from around China…enjoy!

That’s about it. I’ve checked the theme in IE7 and FireFor and it seems to work good. I don’t have a Mac, so if your a Mac user and you have problems let me know.

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