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Corporate Slave logo by dreamLogicOur high school digital media class has been creating some great work. Simon May (who will soon have a blog of his own) has done a great job of allowing the students to create their own assignments around digital media.

Early in the year Simon had the students come up with a name for the site and then purchased the domain name. Next they worked in Photoshop to create fliers to put around the school. Eagle Eye View or Eagle i view was born.

The latest development has been the use of the site as a way to give students information on classes as they sign-up for electives next year. What I like is that it is Simon that is interviewing the teachers and posting the podcasts showing that it’s not just students who can and should be producing for the web site.

What if a school had a website that teachers, administrators, and students could all post to? What would happen as Sean has us thinking lately we blurred the lines between teachers and students and had one space that everyone was able to post to. It could be words, video, or audio. What if the school website was a collection of thoughts from all stake holders. Dangerous? For sure! Powerful….maybe.

I love reading web sites created by students. Chris Craft’s students who have created the Teach Jeff Spanish site is another example of how empowering students to create information and knowledge can be a learning experience.

  • Eagle i View is set to teach students about producing quality web content: videos, audios, images.
  • Teach Jeff Spanish is about learning through teaching (what a concept!).

There are so many ways to use the web for learning it comes down to imagination and having the support within your school to make it happen.

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