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Forget about visiting websites! Make them come to you!

For all you people out there who are so busy you don’t even have the time to visit websites, here’s something for you! Netvibes is a website where you can create and personalize your own website. It’s not like myspace where you blog and stuff, instead, you add websites to your own. There are tons of items you can add, from calendars and weather forecasts to news and blog pages. Basically, it helps keep you organized.

From Science Geeks:

?Trained Bees can sniff bombs?


Scientists at the U.S laboratory. “Scientists say trained bees can sniff bombs.” October 28, 2006. Rotero. 15 Jan 2007 .


After reading this article, I realized that trained bees can sniff out bombs. Scientist at the U.S laboratory says that they trained bees that could sniff out bombs for the U.S security or the Iraq war. Also, the researchers at the ‘Los Alamos National Laboratory’ said that they trained bees that could stick out their proboscis (a tube to feed on nectar (a sugary liquid made by many flowering plants)). Let’s take me for an example, if I was a fuel researcher for Iraq at the U.S Army Center, I would choose the trained bees to sniff the fuels, or the bombs in order to destroy the bombs in Iraq since there are a lot of explosive things in Iraq……..

I have nothing more to say! This is it…this is what Student 2.0 does! (More on Student 2.0 later)

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