From the Washington Post:

It’s no easy job to regain control and coax the students into writing an essay about what they did last weekend. Fortunately for the teacher, it was only a computer simulation.

Christopher Stapleton, right, of the Institute for Simulation & Training at the University of Central Florida, interacts with virtual students in a classroom simulation program in Orlando, Fla., Monday, Dec. 11, 2006.  Changes in technology and needs have allowed the multi-billion dollar simulation industry to develop programs teaching cognitive interpersonal skills. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)Virtual classroom management training…I don’t know about this one. Is it a great place to start? Maybe but nothing beats experiencing the first time you have a student act out, through a desk, choke another student, run out of the class, not return after recess, etc (Just my running list). I understand the theory behind the simulation, but I gotta tell you being married to a counselor I know what she’s gonna say about this one. How do you practice when you can’t see their reaction, when you can’t read body language, eye movement, etc? That plays a large part in the way you react to a person or situation. Maybe the game can teach you the basics like, “Shut up and sit down” really doesn’t work all that well. 🙂


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