Self-Driving Cars


Just a few days ago I wrote about Solar Freakin’ Roadways. Well that same rant belongs here. I love how car companies are trying to fit a new technology into an old design…and they’ll do it. However when you think of what this really means for travel. What the car of the future looks like without a driver, a steering wheel, and all the other “human driving needs” we get something different. In fact…we have to start over and redesign what a car is going to look like when humans are just passengers.

In many of my presentations I talk about how this technology is going to make us force us to think different. What makes this technology different than the solar roadways is this has a direct affect on us. When we no longer have to actively drive the car we are free to do other things like work, talk with a loved one, sleep, or relax. It also has the potential that if we get enough of these on the roadways we speed up the flow of traffic as human error and judgement is taken out of the equation. Roadways have no direct effect on us. They’re roads….what do I care? But a car that drives itself…now I can see how that would affect many parts of my life.

What technology does this in schools? The teacher computer was the last great revolution. Every teacher having a computer to communicate, research and create changed the culture of schools. Staff meetings changed, communication between parents and teachers changed, communication between students and teachers changed. Communication between teachers changed. The ability to create handouts and worksheets became easier as teacher created worksheets replaced workbooks.

Is there another revolution like this coming in education? If so what do you think it will be? What technology is going to affect education so much that it will change the culture of schools everywhere forever?