I had a great all day meeting today with the rest of the Educational Technology Team. Missing our two newest members who will be joining us next year as new staff, but for the first time we had the whole Educational Technology Team together for a great conversation.Our school is in desperate need of a network overhaul. We started by looking at our schools infrastructure and folder system and redesigned it from the bottom up in such a way that we hope is easy enough for both teachers and students to use and navigate. Our goal was to create a structure that encouraged the use of the network as a place to turn in work. We’re putting into place drop boxes or “Inbox and Outbox” where teacher can give files to students and students can drop files to teachers. We also came up with a common structure for student logins that will start in Pre-K and go through 12th grade. We reallocated drive letters to match across all our schools and divisions and put into motion what we hope is a system that will help to create a backbone for our technology future.

We also discussed our school YouTube site, and the Flickr sites and came up with some guidelines for what should be made public in these areas.

It was a conversation that needed to happen to bring together our school system to prepare for the 3 year technology plan that has been adopted and will see an influx of computers, support hardware, and other gadgets that will allow use to be a 21st Century School.

Needless to say I’m pumped. I love getting a bunch of geeks in a room and just talking. Everyone had great ideas, different concerns and we took them on…solved them or came to an agreement on how to proceed. Now comes the implementation part. I just hope it goes as smoothly as today’s meeting did.

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