I partner with organizations in helping to understand the changing nature of learning by working together in long-term, embedded professional development that prepares us all for our future, not our past.


NECC 2007


What’s involved in a Virtual Learning Communities?


A central Hub for students a “Jumping off point”

What makes a community?
-Shared Values

A virtual settlement?

What does a successful community look like?

-Gotta be two way

How do you engage people in a learning community?

What is trust? How do you build trust? Who do you trust?

Is how we perceive trust  different than how our students perceive trust? How do you decide who makes your IM friend? Who makes your SL friend list? How do you trust them…do you trust them…how do you know them?


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David Warlick hosting:


Conversation around getting pre-service teachers on board and changing teacher prep programs.

Conversation on what SHOULD schools look like today: Schools, Teachers, Students

Long Tail eduction (more on this later): A Doug Johnson thought.

“The tools don’t change the skills.”

Great conversation….look for the podcasts.

Tools are accessible, a shift of thought needed.

Conversation around assessment.


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Check list:

NECC Planner synced with Google Calendar synced with Palm Desktop synced with Palm: CHECK!

Batteries for camera charged: CHECK!

Laptop charged, polished up, and ready for heavy blogging: CHECK!

Ready to be geeky for 5 day: CHECK!

Looks like I’m ready to go…only problem is I’m still sitting at the airport where my red eye has been delayed 1 1/2 hours until 12:55am. Which means I won’t hit Atlanta until 8:30am. Guess that means I’ll be taking my suitcase with me to EduBloggerCon.

So here I sit catching up on some blog reading. I’ve been pretty disconnected since hitting the states. Spending time with friends and family has taken priority. It was easier than usual knowing that I would have 5 solid days of connectiveness once I got to Atlanta. Now being delayed and getting me to EduBloggerCon late has me a little frustrated. Of course a perfect flight plan never works out..there has to be a hitch somewhere.

So if you’re looking for me at EduBloggerCon, I’ll be the one coming in late, with matted airplane hair and rolling a suitcase. 🙂


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