I’ve forward this on to my math teachers. This is awesome!

“Stand up if you have a cell phone with you today,” I announced last
Wednesday in my algebra class. The excitement was visible. “Sit down if
your phone does not have a camera,” I continued. Their disappointment
was manifested in groans of various pitches and duration. I quickly
paired them up – over half the class had phones with cameras – and sent
them on their way. Their mission: to find as many examples of circles
and take pictures of each one. They had ten minutes to complete the
job, and they were not to disturb other classes.

Blogger is again blocked in China so I can’t leave a comment on The Fischbowl, but this is a great example of using a tool that kids love for learning. This same lesson could be done 100 different ways, but that this teacher saw an opportunity to use a tool that students A) Already have B) Love to use C) Would make them want to learn. Is exactly the reason why we need to use these tools. It’s not because they’re “cool” or new or different. It’s because it engages today’s student. It gives them buy in, something that they can say “cool” about and something they can internalize and make theirs.

Great work Barbara!

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