You know when you’ve been Geek!ed! when listening to a podcast becomes workout music! It’s sad really I know. But it makes 30 minutes on the treadmill fly by! I’m a couple episodes behind right now, which isn’t a bad thing because I can listen to a Geek!ed! podcast both days I run.

This week I was listening to episode 0060 and as usual the Geek!ed! crew got me thinking. In the episode they discuss languages and what, if any, languages should be taught in school. Of course China came up in the conversation and whether or not we should be teaching our students Chinese with the rise of the Chinese economy.

I have found out that I can’t listen to them while lifting weights as I usually end up laughing, loose my concentration and…well…that’s not good. But I often find myself putting together a post in my head while listening to their podcasts and usually by the time I walk the 15 or 20 minutes home I’ve forgotten what it is I wanted to write about. So this week I tried something new. On my walk home I pulled out my iPod, plugged in my Belkin TuneTalk Stereo and lapel mic and recording my thoughts as a podcast.

I’ve been wanting to podcast for some time, but finding time to actually do it is the problem. So by using the 15-20 minutes it takes to walk home and making that into a podcast could potentially be powerful for me on a couple of levels. One, I get to podcast more and two another motivator to workout knowing I can podcast my walk home.

So below is my first podcast, it is pretty raw and I am walking down the streets of Shanghai, so you will hear Chinese being spoken in the background, a bus going by every once in awhile, and the constant honking that even 31 floors above the city makes its way into our ears.

Let me know what you think. Is the background noise too distracting? Is it not ‘professional’ enough? Your feedback is welcome.


Geek!ed! episode 0060

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