More and more teachers are wanting to use video in their class, and are asking students to create videos for projects. We have one mac lab and will be getting another mac lab next year. The problem is I’ve never created a video using iMovie so my support for these projects was not where I like it to be.

So, last week I set out to teach myself iMovie. First up I needed a project. Inspired by Dean Shareski’s A Day in the Life video I decided to use that as my project for learning iMovie.

I tried to get my whole day down to 10 minutes to fit in one Youtube video but failed and instead have a three episode series of a Day in the life of Jeff Utecht. I’ll release one episode a day over the next three days. I will also post a higher quality full length movie file on my podcast site that you can download and watch on an iPod if you’d rather.

Please remember that this was not rehearsed, not planned, just me and a video camera. Please consider is a very raw movie.

Other movies that outline a tech persons day can be found here as well:

Clarence Fisher
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