Clarence Fisher of Remote Access is starting his year off with some assignments on Internet Safety. It’s great to see a classroom teacher take responsibility for the online safty of their students by talking about this new wild web. Talking about Internet safety is easy, but is it affective?

Having a classroom discussion about how to be safe on the Internet is a good thing and if you can engage students in the conversation without sounding like a mother breathing down their neck, I think you’ll get more bang for your buck.

I am excited by the amount of video I’ve been seeing in the classroom these first couple weeks of school. Our students are visual learners and what I love most is when you tell them you are going to show them a YouTube video how excited they get. YouTube is an amazing resource for teachers when it comes to almost any subject area. If you are looking for something really specific try TeacherTube another resource of videos created by teachers and students for use in the classroom or for trainings. There is something about a video that really gets this generation. Well, let’s face it we all loved watching movies in school when we were kids, but in todays world you have a library of short video clips at your finger tips that our teachers never had.

So back to my point. There are some great videos on YouTube that talk about Internet Safety. Below I’ve listed the two that Clarence used with his middle school students and two found by Christopher Sessums that hopefully you can use to start a discussion in your classroom around Internet Safety. On Remote Access, Clarence even gives you the questions he assigned his students after watching the videos and a class discussion.

I encourage you to take 1 lesson, or even 10 minutes over a couple of lessons to sit down and talk with your students about this issue. Even if you are not having your students producing work online via blogs, wikis, or another online site, Internet Safety is a subject we all need to be teaching.

From Remote Access:

Brad Paisley-Online

Bulletin Board

From Christopher Sessums

Cyberbullying-Talent Show


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