In just a few hours I’ll be heading to the airport to start my 13 hour trip to Brussels, Belgium. For the rest of the week. I’ll be working specifically with the elementary teachers and having conversations about literacy today, and the use of laptops with elementary students. I’m excited to visit ISB-Brussels and have conversations with the educators there. Of course there is also the marking of my 33 country visited which puts me only one behind The Thinking Chick. 🙂

Reading their website about Preparing Students Today for the World of Tomorrow I’m excited to have conversations that revolve around these questions:

How do you prepare students for a world beyond school that never ceases to change and reinvent itself?  Furthermore, how can you tailor this experience to individual learners, whilst allowing them to be independent in their progression but also successful and competitive in a technology-centred world outside ISB?  The answer, we believe, is our Teaching and Learning with Technology project.

I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about once I get there…but first 13 hours of flight time.