Jeff and David catch up and plan the season.

Essential Question

From Morocco to Bangkok: How goes it?

Links of the Week

David: Check out the beauty of Morocco
Jeff: Daneah & Jeff are interviewed at Women of the Web 2.0, Blended Learning (from Andy), K-12 Conference

Chat Archive:

7:52 jutecht: Cool new chat features
8:04 mrichme: Hi guys from Arundel, Maine
8:06 jutecht: Hi mrichme…..good to see ya πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining us tonight.
8:06 jutecht: Liking the new ustream chat…good upgrades. πŸ˜‰
8:06 mrichme: I would agree
8:11 jutecht: This is what I love about overseas living….the amazing cultures you get to be in.
8:13 jutecht: David’s school:
8:18 atorris: hello gents!
8:19 jutecht: Hey @atorris….good to know ustream’s not blocked or the website.
8:20 sarahgrace7: figured out how to login.Β  Hello from Beijing!
8:20 atorris: VPN my friend. I ma currently in the UK… virtually!
8:20 jutecht: Hi Sarah……thanks for joining us
8:21 jutecht: @atorris…..gotta love the VPN!
8:21 sarahgrace7: definitely love the VPN here in China
8:22 atorris: sarah… sshhh… it’s a secret πŸ˜‰
8:22 jutecht: Interesting….never thought about the location of the international school have to do with more risk taking staff….there’s some food for thought.
8:22 atorris: inshallah, inshallah
8:23 mrichme: I think that is a very good point.
8:24 jutecht: Our small school in Saudi moved quickly….but a lot of people were more the risk taking type…and of course we had a good admin. πŸ˜‰
8:25 atorris: Jeff.. that guy in Saudi was nuts.
8:26 jutecht: I know…..crazy guy let me start a handheld program.
8:26 atorris: Our 1:1 IB teachers are struggling with the load of content and managing the need for them to spend valuable classroom time on teaching a few technology skills. Do you see this as an issue??
8:27 atorris: Like I said Jeff… crraaazzzyy! :-0
8:28 atorris: Hi all!!
8:28 atorris: shhhhh… it is a secret!
8:28 atorris: πŸ˜‰
8:31 atorris: GREAT IDEA!
8:32 atorris: Captive set of kids to build skills with over time!
8:33 jutecht: That’s a great idea…there’s almost a month of school after the IB exams you could do some great tech stuff.
8:34 jutecht: @atorris….you on Skype?
8:34 atorris: Too early to tell at a deep level.Β  I have always found the kids to be very connected to each other in ways that one would not normally expect.Β  Common notes are common.
8:34 atorris: Google docs
8:34 atorris: wikis are everywhere!
8:35 atorris: our school is wiki crazy this year.
8:35 jutecht:
8:36 atorris: I have been approached by a stateside school on a collaborative project that is “cutting edge”.Β  I had to tell the guy we had been doing that kind of stuff for two years running.
8:42 atorris: Ahhh… the dreaded h1n1 effect on PD!
8:44 atorris: Ughh… Edline!
8:44 jutecht: No…..not Edline!
8:45 atorris: i just read a report where a combo of traditional educational delivery AND online coursework delivers higher academic achievement!
8:45 atorris: I will try to find it.
8:48 atorris: Here it is:
8:48 atorris: “Blended instruction”
8:48 jutecht: @atorris yep….blended learning is the future!
8:51 jutecht:
8:52 atorris: Ahhh…. the Thinking Chick!
8:52 atorris: She’s awesome!
8:55 atorris: RFID lockers???? Nice!
8:56 atorris: Give this kid some kudos if you get a chance!
8:57 howhat: we’re looking forward to having Kim at YIS this weekend
8:58 jutecht: She’s excited to come!
8:58 howhat: I’ll see I can find some IB teachers for you all
9:00 atorris: I will try to be available.Β  This is the first day I have been home in an evening in 3 weeks!
9:00 atorris: 12/2/09 See er… hear you then!
9:00 howhat: it’s great having SOS back, thanks jeff
9:00 atorris: clear as bell here!
9:01 jutecht: That’s good
9:01 jutecht: glad auido was great
9:02 atorris: zaijian!
9:02 jutecht: Later!
9:02 atorris: grrr…….. 22 degree>>????Β  3 here today!
9:03 jutecht: Thanks everyone!

Sign Off

*Next show date is December 2 at 8:00 PM Bangkok time.
*Justin Medved will join us. Look to add “sospodcast” to your Skype contacts list so that you can call and join in the conversation.
*Essential Question for the show: How can the IB curriculum be shifted?
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