You didn’t finish your homework?

On the bus on my way to school this Monday morning, after a frustrating and exhausting weekend of trying to migrate our school’s Moodle and WordPress MU installations. The Moolde installation migrated perfectly without a hitch. The WordPress Mu site is still not working, so 500+ kids will go to school today not being able to blog. L

If I were a student, I would have failed to complete my homework this weekend. I would be showing up to school with my head hung low, wondering what the teacher is going to say to me for not getting my homework done. I would hope that my teacher would understand that I really did try to get my homework done. I was up until 1am Friday night and 2am Saturday night. I did take a two hour break Saturday to have dinner with some friends and a three hour break on Sunday (Easter) to go furniture shopping and watch a movie with my wife.

But does any of that matter? I still failed to complete my task…my assignment this weekend, and find myself stuck in a programming corner that I do not know if I can get myself out of. I’ve turned to the WordPress community for help, hopefully someone will answer my call in the help forum sooner rather than later.

I knew this migration was going to push me beyond the limited skills that I have as a amateur hacker, I was relying on my ability to learn quickly, to be able to find the information I need when I need it to get me through…and so far I haven’t found it.

So, not sure how much I’ll be blogging this week, I’m all up in my head trying to figure this thing out. I haven’t slept well for three nights now, my shoulders are tense from stress, and my head is spinning with trying to figure out what went wrong. The interesting thing is….all of this can, and probably will be fixed with a flip of a switch or a simple coding change like a period instead of a comma. Nevertheless, until then I will be trying to make up my failed assignment to all the student and teacher bloggers.