Web 2.0 Participation

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I found this image at Personalize media. It is part of a post that is worth a read as well. Click on the image to enlarge and take some time to think about what they are talking about here.

How does this apply to learning? Or does it?

Where are our students?

How do we get students to move through this continuum?

Where should we be spending the majority of our time?

Where should our students?


  1. I suppose I should point out that, since there are no numbers (or sources of numbers) on any of the axes, the data supporting this graph is completely made up.

    The diagram is therefore fiction.

    • Actually there is no data on the graph at all. It’s more of a progression of Web 2.0 Participation that people go through from consumer to producer. Not sure I get your point why this graph is false. Can you help me understand?

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