Virtual Teacher's Lounge

So people often ask me what is Twitter and why do you twit?

Well I think theartguy found it yesterday:

Time for bed. I’ll “see” you in the morning, fellow lurkers in this virtual teacher’s lounge!

Twitter.comWhen I read this twit, it hit me. This is what twitter has become for many…for us I think. A virtual teacher’s lounge were topics/conversations can change with the coming and going of people. You offer help, ask for help, give suggestions, links, or just talk about your boy’s baseball game last night, what you are planning for dinner, or what’s happening in your life.

It is along the lines of the same conversations you would hear in a teacher’s lounge. The only difference you’re always there and you share conversations with your “friends”.

I do have to admit I’m enjoying this virtual lounge better than the real lounge when I taught 4th grade back in the States. Of course being a male teacher I ate my lunch with my team who were all women, and let’s just say I learned more about being pregnant then I ever wanted to know during those 3 years. My education while teaching came in the teacher’s lounge for sure. 🙂

and it still does! Today I’ve learned the following:

MBAmom So eBay buys StumbleUpon – – I would’ve suspected Google instead of eBay – wonder what’s next?

dkuropatwa From anywhere in the world send snailmail anywhere in Canada, free! Just got self sent test mail today.

crafty184 Amazing new tool, browser-based cross platform screen cast recording site. Read my blog at

Those are just three of the things I’ve learned today because of Twitter.

So what is Twitter? It’s a network of thoughts, some you might be interested in some not. Some make you laugh and others make you wonder why you keep twitting.

Twitter is also making it easier to be connected. They now have a netvibes module that allows you to twit from your netvibes page. Facebook also has a twitter app so you can port your twitter to facebook. Slowly but surely all these networks are being tied together.

The virtual Teacher’s Lounge…that’s a pretty good description!


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