The basics

As I start looking forward to next year and my new position. I’ve been thinking about what are the basics that every middle school and high school student should have technology wise in the 06-07 school year? I can dream and say that every students should have a laptop, is that a want or a need? I’m looking for the needs. What is it every student needs to have?

Here is a short list that I have formulated in my head so far.

  • E-mail account: Should we just say that students need one or should the school be responsible to provide on to each student?
  • Server storage space: Students should have access to the schools server storage space to store documents. Should the school provide access to that space outside of the school’s network? Or should students be encouraged to use a free space such as to carry documents from home to school?
  • Flash Drive: As much as I hate these little buggers they are very popular with students as a way to transfer files from home and school.

That’s all I have so far. I’m trying to make a basic list, but there is part of me that keeps coming back to some of the web 2.0 tools that are now available. At what point do these tools stop becoming ‘could be fun’ and start becoming part of the basics of what we want students to have? Do we require students to have a computer at home with Internet access? Of course a laptop program would take care of that, but until that comes to be, what is it we want students in 06-70 to use, have access to, and be able to do with technology. As you can see I’m struggling with this question and the answers. Of course there are so many things I want to add to this list, but are they basic requirements or are they: “That’s what I think should be.” There is a great divide between the two.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!