TextMarker extension in Firefox

While browsing Firefox extensions the other day, I happened upon the TextMarker extension. WOW, what a great tool for students to use while researching the web. Students can highlight text as they read a web page. Then when they are finished they simply right click over the highlighted text and copy just the parts they have highlighted to their notes. The best part is when the student pastes the highlighted text that it automatically puts the source web site with the copied text.


Another great use of Firefox!


  1. Very cool! But…when I try to use firefox on my computer when connected to the school’s server it will not connect to the internet. Our school is still using internet explorer as I’m sure most schools are. Any ideas for how to resolve this issue and do you think that school’s should be moving away from IE and begin adopting Firefox or is IE planning on adopting some of firefox’s best attributes?

  2. Thanks for the tip. A great extension for Firefox. We plan to load it in our school lab. Also thanks for the nice write up about the Lewis site…

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