Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society

Presenter Mitchel Resnick

People complain about schools but not about Kindergarden.

Creative learning spiral


Develop technology with a Low Floor and High Ceilings
Develop technology with Wide Walls

Telling some great stories of what students have created through a MIT program. Iceland, Singapore, US. Amazing products!

Showing off Scratch (If you haven’t downloaded and played with the program…do it! Actually download it and give it to a kid….they’ll master if before you will. 🙂 )

Scratch is AWESOME!
-Drag and drop pictures from the internet.

Is technology “tinkerable” (a.k.a hackable?)

Cricket being released today.

We need to develop critical thinkers. In Kindergarten we allow student to explore and tinker. After kindergarten you’re not allowed to tinker. Both as a teacher and as a student?

We need to network together
We need to get people thinking in new ways
We need to build communities.

Life needs to more like Kindergarten.


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