Desktop Sidebar as an Aggregator

Desktop Sidebar
Sorry Apple folks, this is a PC one! (I run both platforms, so no need for OS comments.?)

I find the Desktop Sidebar a great tool to use as an aggregator. It docks itself on the right hand side of your screen so that you don’t have to start a separate program when you want to view your RSS feeds. With a large 17 inch screen, the space it takes up is not even noticeable. The Sidebar does loads more then just being an aggregator that keeps track of the blogs and articles you’ve read. It also can keep you up to date on the weather, how your system is running, stocks, just to name a few. It even works with Outlook to display your To-Do List, your e-mail and your calendar appointments. It’s completely customizable so you can just use the features you find most useful.

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  1. Jeff, i’, looking for aggregator something like KDE news ticker or BBC news ticker.

    Better than open separate windows – just scrolling on my desktop. Your suggesstion?

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