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OK, I’m starting to get really frustrated that I can’t visit blogs at blogspot. I am in the middle of reading Anne Davis’s EduBlog Insighst and she links to two other blogs, both at

Is there anyway I can get the rss feeds from others out of their bloglines account? If I had the rss feed address I could load it into my bloglines account and view the blogs that way.

Anyone have a suggestion?


  1. Hi Jeff, thanks for the comment you posted on my site. I guess it’s my turn to return the courtesy.

    If I understand what you are asking, you are wondering about accessing Blogger feeds because they aren’t published on the template. I believe that all of them can be retrieved by using Bloglines also has a bookmarlklet for your browser toolbar at link to that finds the feed automatically.

    Excuse me if I missed the point of your question, but it sounds like the same one I had until I got squared away with Bloglines.

  2. Thanks Doug! Worked like a charm!

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