New Media Center-First Day of School

So I kind of got behind posting pictures and even got in trouble from some of the teachers at school who have been reading this to keep up on the development of the new Media Center. There are two sets of pictures. One taken on Monday and the other today Thursday Aug. 17, 2006. The first day for students.

Drop in Lab: Monday – Today (This picture was taken at 12:00. By 3:00 the SmartBoard was installed to the left of the video conferencing equipment.)

Library: Monday


Library: Today (Two study areas. One with the folding door closed and one with it open. For teacher use as a teaching area within the library.)



New Cafeteria: Monday


New Cafeteria: Today (Hard to get a feel of the space in the pictures. Lets just say that most college cafeterias are not this nice! Salad bar, sandwich bar, coffee bar, Sushi and snack area. A soda free school.)


For larger more detailed pictures you can click on a picture to view it at my flickr account. The librarians will probably be completely moved in by the end of next week or so. Just in time for the first research assignments to start rolling. It is a beautiful area. Be looking in a couple weeks for my elective class to produce a video of the new area.

Oh, I almost forgot. All three floors are completely wireless including the cafeteria!

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  1. Any jobs for a librarian for 2007/08? 🙂

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