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Just wanted to send out a quick thank you to all of those that attended my two sessions yesterday. My podcasting session saw about 50 or 60 people turn out. I wish the audio would have been better (go figure you need an audio connection for a podcast session) but all and all I think it went well.

My second session on Students as Creators and Contributors was a little smaller audience somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20. We talked about how students today want to create and are contributing to this new information landscape. Thanks to everyone who had to listen to me ramble on for 90 minutes. BTW, 90 minutes is a long presentation!

A long day, but worth it. Met some amazing people and made connections with some other bloggers and put faces on blogs. It still catches me by surprise when people come up to me and say “Hi Jeff, been reading your stuff for awhile.” It’s strange how you can feel like you know someone without ever meeting them F2F. It’s part of the flat world effect I think. That you can follow someone’s thinking for an extended period of time and never actually met them, but feel like you have known them forever. I always thought the stat that 1 out of 8 married couples in the US met online last year was strange….but maybe it’s not as strange as I think it is. I’ll have to rethink a few things.


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  1. Hi Jeff
    You are so right! We had David Warlick come to New Zealand this year and he was walking down the corridor at the uLearn Conference. I smiled at him and asked how his son was doing and then realised in shock that I didn’t really know this man! and had no right to make small talk with him! I had just been reading his blog and listening to his podcasts for so long I had regarded him as a friend. I think the internet is letting us take part in conversations either as contributors or lurkers, that we can’t find in our own circle of friends.

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