MY top 7 eduposts of 2005-2006

I finally found some time this morning to post what I think our my top 7 posting of the 05-06 school year. Vicki Davis of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog asked for our top 10. I couldn’t find 10 I really liked so I only have 7. (Guess that says something about my writing!)

So here are my top postings!

NETS in the 2.0 World: 11/18/05

My 25% PD: 2/17/06

Perpetual Beta vs. Perpetual Education: 1/23/06

Traditions: 3/15/06

We don’t know what we don’t know: 5/4/06

I was almost right!: 4/17/06

Web 2.0 (A digital story based on the wikipedia entry of Web 2.0): 3/8/06

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