My Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome LogoLast week Google Chrome updated itself on my MacBook and now allows Chrome extensions. I’ve almost completely moved over to Chrome as the speed of the browser just blows both Firefox and Safari away in my experience…and the way it handles gmail, gdocs, gwave, and the rest of G is just smooth. What’s been holding me back from making the full switch were the Firefox extensions that I have come to rely on. But now that I have most of them, I use Chrome 90% of the time.

Extensions slow a browser down as it’s extra code that needs to be loaded, extra things sometimes running in the background, so I’m committed to keeping my extensions to a minimum and keep the Chrome speed a priority. So, here’s my basic package:

FaceBook for Google Chrome: Extension which lets you read your Facebook news feed and wall. You can also post status updates by clicking on your profile picture.
(Simple and Quick, just how I like my updates, now only if it supported pages)

Google Apps Shortcuts: A simple extension that allows you to quickly create a new Emails, Calendar Events, Document or Spreadsheet with minimal clicks.
(Link seems to be gone at the moment but there are a ton to choose from find one that works for you.)

Google Tasks: A simple Google Task extension for Chrome.
(I’ve tried using Google Tasks off and on, but I think I finally found my extension that will put those to dos right in front of me!)

One Number: Check GMail, Google Reader, Google Voice, and Google Wave. Four sources, one number.
(Not sure I need this and Google Apps Shortcuts so I’m testing both. What I really need is one that will check and log me into different Google accounts like the Gmail Manager extensions does in Firefox.)

That’s it….I do also have the URL shortener on the toolbar. If you have a account it’s an easy way to share web pages to Twitter as you are reading them. I also have the Diigolet link on my toolbar as well. Diigo now has a Chrome Extension, but I like the way this toolbar extension works and once again it takes a load off my browser and only loads when I need it. one extension that keeps me coming back to Firefox is the one I’m using to write this blog post. It’s called ScribeFire and I’m in love with it. It sits within Firefox and allows you to blog while searching for web pages, drag and dropping images (like the one to the left), quotes, and links from the web directly into your blog post. What I hate at the moment is I use Chrome and only open Firefox to blog. Now I’m going back and forth between tabs I have open on Chrome and Scribefire in Firefox. I need something like this (really I want Scribefire) in Chrome for my transition to be complete.

So there’s my list of extensions, what are your Google Chrome extension must haves?