My 25% PD

After reflecting on the amount of PD teachers should be receiving, I’ve decided that I have to control my own PD. I have been for most of this year. But it hit me today as I had a light class load that I am in charge of my own PD and so I did what you do at any good PD opportunity. I poured myself a big cup of coffee (Starbuck’s Coffee and used my French press, the only way to have coffee I’ve decided) and started on my PD for the day. Where did I start you ask? Simple, in my bloglines account.

This has been the best day of PD I could ever hope for. I was in control of my learning. I was able to click on links that were interesting and ignore the information that I felt didn’t apply to me. I read, commented, reflected, bookmarked, and just felt the excitement inside me grow as I found some great stuff. So I’ve decided to make it my goal to spend 25% of my time doing my own PD. That adds up to 525 minutes of PD a week or 8.75 hours of PD a week or 1.75 hours of PD a day.

Today being a slow day in the lab I spent roughly 4 hours of PD time today.

So in my first Weekly PD post here is what I found today that inspired me:
Their Circular Life, an exploration about human behavior
Brandon’s Online Magazine: A magazine that is a blog created and maintained by a class of 6th graders.
Who’s the Scientist: Seventh graders describe scientists before and after a visit to Fermilab.

From the Shifted Librarian a look at Google and libraries in 2015.

The Techsavvyed forum of educators finding great sites on the web.
Heard about this place but actually went there today and looked around. Wheels are spinning of how to use this.
My admin wants to do a survey of technology use in our school. So if you are going to collect information you might as well do it right. The LOTI survey is still a great tool at looking at technology implementation within a school.
Rethinking Learning: George Siemens makes available his presentation. This was a well spend hour of my time today. Can’t wait to share this with others.×10.html
I was here once a while back, but forgot about it. What a cool site!
Revisited my own thoughts on PD in schools and what we should be doing vs what we are doing.
Can’t wait to get my 5th graders playing this, hopefully in March.
What a fun way to practice math facts
A list of math games on the web for all ages
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
What a great way to practice parts of speech

All this and going through my bloglines account. I’m sorry, you just can’t beat this type of learning. I caught myself a couple times today just thinking about what I was doing, clicking here, going there, coming back to this page, reading that, linking to this. What a wonderful world of information!

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