My 25% PD

Time got away from me today. But here is what I consider my PD for the week.

Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk Blog
Doin’ something about DOPA  (and all the links that go with it!)
Interview questions

David Warlick’s 2 cents worth Blog
Why Kids Blog
The Cost of Information

Christopher Harris (Infomancy )
School Library 2.0 If you’re a librarian and not reading this you are missing out on a daily laugh. My personal favorite:

From gapingvoid


imagination allows.jpg  a piece of software I’m trying to get to work on my Palm T5 for moblogging at NECC so I don’t have to carry around my laptop. So far I’ve been unsuccessful. Not sure if it’s the schools network or if I have something set up wrong.

Using RSS feeds and RSS feed readers  A screencast I made this week for U Tech Tips. No better way to learn something than to teach it to others.

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  1. I’ve already pointed a couple of teachers towards your video on rss feeds; it is excellent! Just one thing, can the quality of the screen shots be improved? I know exactly what you’re showing because I use the same resources but it might be hard for the rookies to make out what they are looking at.

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