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via comes the WordPress Ultimate Gamer’s Pack with three plug-ins to make your blog viewable on mobile devices.

Those plug-ins include:

  • WordPress Wii Edition Plugin
  • WordPress DS-Lite Edition Plugin
  • WordPress PSP Edition Plugin

To that I would add the WordPress PDA plugin and that about covers it.

I already have the PDA plugin installed and used it while in Vietnam to view my site via my Palm T5.

Why would you want to install these? Because you’re a geek. 🙂


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  1. Hi Jeff

    Very interesting gadget(s); I have a blog in my native language, Afrikaans(from South Africa) but I don’t think I’ll ever use the gadget!!
    I’m the JK teacher at Yanbu International School and enjoy your blog tremendously. Do you have any contact with a JK class over there? I am looking for pen pals for my kids! My email at school is
    Enjoy the last bit of the week!
    Sue Pienaar


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