Millennials usher in a new era

The ‘millennials’ usher in a new era

My friend just sent me this link. Go read it right now. I’m putting it here for my own reference.

Some great quotes/research:

By only their seventh birthday, most children in the United States will have talked on a cell phone, played a computer game and mastered a TV-on-demand device like TiVo, much to the amazement of technically challenged parents. By 13, researchers say, the same children will have gone through several software editions of instant messaging, frequented online chat rooms and downloaded their first illegal song from BitTorrent.

“It consumes my life,” said Andrea Thomas, a senior at Miami University. “If I’m not texting my friends over the cell phone, I have my laptop with me and I’m IM’ing them. Or I’m doing research on Google. Honestly, the only reason any one of my college friends use the library is for group meetings.”

And my favorite

“The question at stake is no longer whether technology can change education or even whether this is desirable,” Papert wrote in his testimony. “The presence of technology in society is a major factor in changing the entire learning environment.”

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