Maintenance work

As you can see I spent most of my Saturday doing a little maintenance work on the Thinking Stick. I took about an hour and a half over lunch in creating the new banner for the site. I finally gave into the Photoshop crowd and used a tutorial to create the banner. I’m a Fireworks guy and am much more comfortable with Fireworks, but I really need to push myself to learn Photoshop so I did it. I’m actually pretty proud of my work, not perfect, but not bad for a first try and finally a banner that I’m happy with. Of course The Thinking Stick is a work in progress. I’ve previewed it in both Firefox and IE7 Beta 2 and it seems to work fine in both of those browsers. However I have no way of checking the site on a Mac (guess I should get one 😉 ) so am not sure even what it looks like in any Mac browsers. I just hope it looks half way decent.

I’m experimenting with some other fun stuff, so hopefully it will keep getting better!


  1. Jeff,

    The Thinking Stick looks good in Safari. Check it out:

    link to


  2. Sorry to break the news, but from where I’m sitting, there isn’t any kind of banner. It seems to have disappeared.
    Oh, and I thought you might like this link since you love spelling as much as I do.

    link to

  3. Thanks Reece,

    Found the problem. I put a no-repeat in the coding to keep the header from repeating. That somehow made IE6 not shows the header at all. I’ve taken off the no-repeat, but now the header looks a little funny in IE6. I would encourage you to upgrade to IE7 Beta 2. It is much better at displaying .php pages and coding.

    Thank again for the heads up!

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