Maintenance work

As you can see I spent most of my Saturday doing a little maintenance work on the Thinking Stick. I took about an hour and a half over lunch in creating the new banner for the site. I finally gave into the Photoshop crowd and used a tutorial to create the banner. I’m a Fireworks guy and am much more comfortable with Fireworks, but I really need to push myself to learn Photoshop so I did it. I’m actually pretty proud of my work, not perfect, but not bad for a first try and finally a banner that I’m happy with. Of course The Thinking Stick is a work in progress. I’ve previewed it in both Firefox and IE7 Beta 2 and it seems to work fine in both of those browsers. However I have no way of checking the site on a Mac (guess I should get one 😉 ) so am not sure even what it looks like in any Mac browsers. I just hope it looks half way decent.

I’m experimenting with some other fun stuff, so hopefully it will keep getting better!