1. As a student, I very much enjoyed and liked this video as soon as I hit the play button. I agreed with each of those messages and is something I certainly can relate to. In this generation, everything outside of the boundaries of school collides with learning. As technology advances, myspace and facebooks increase, number of texting and cell phones are used, everything is a essential tool of learning. The astonishing thing is, not only do we learn at school, but outside in the real world as we grow throughout the years. Little details of this century will pertain to our learning network and create who we are as a person. It is ironic that the knowledge students know the most about is supposedly shut off from school. I believe this knowledge should not be put aside, but may be helpful to us in the near future. There are many subjects we learn about in school, but seems like some may not apply to us in the future. Yet we have no idea what the future holds in our education. In college, we will learn with the aspects of creativity and opportunities. Doors will open to the real world and this generation’s content of knowledge will be applicable and useful.

  2. As a student, watching this video I could relate to every word that was be spoken. I am just another teenager who loves to use their cell phones to text, look up items on the internet, chat with friends constantly, basically stay in tact with the technology that keeps expanding. I personally rely on cell phones or computers now, because it does make daily life activities easier and quicker. If schools put laptops in classes or would let their students use their phones at necessary times, I think that more work would be done and more interesting conversations could come up from what we acknowledge and find on the computer. My English class uses laptops daily and it honestly makes that class exciting and fun. Of course people will argue with the fact of putting, such things as laptops, in classrooms because they might think that students will abuse their rights with having them and not focus as much. As a student that is wrong to think that because a lot of other students still are not focused in class without the new technology. The world is changing and it would be wonderful for schools to keep up with it, by showing students new things. Once we graduate from high school, college will open our eyes and show us the items we are allowed to use for projects and any other type of work, meaning cell phones and lap tops. So if we start using those items in a lower age group, young adults will be more prepared for the world and learn more for that graduating day.

  3. Any idea where this has gone?

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