Learning 2.0 Conference 10 Days and counting

learn2cn Ten days and counting until the Learning 2.0 conference. I’ve spent the past two days putting the finishing touches on the conference schedule. I do wish I was attending this conference and not helping to create it. There are some great sessions I’ll make sure I post a link to the schedule once it’s up on the conference site.

I have been given the honor of moderating the opening round table forum. The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about the questions I want to ask. I mean when you have a forum that includes: Alan November, Will Richardson, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Jamie McKenzie, Gary Stager, Wes Fryer, and Chris Smith, and an audience of 400 International Educators. What questions do you ask?

So I thought I’d ask you for some help. If you were moderating this forum discussion what questions would you want to ask and who would you direct the question too? You never know…I might just use your question (credit given)!

I’m hoping to podcast the session and if I’m successful I’ll post it here.

OK…back to work. I think I’m catching up!


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