Last Day with Warlick and off to Bali!

Dear David,

I just wanted to send my deepest gratitude for spending this week with our staff here at SAS. You left the staff wanting more and pondering Web 2.0, redefining literacy, and getting into the whole digital world. The talk in the hallways, in the classrooms, and the fact that my session titled “Let’s Blog” went from 10 people to 25 because of your keynote is testament in itself. Today we brought 25 more teachers into the blogosphere. Now how many of them will continue with it? I’m not sure, but at least they have been exposed and the conversation can continue.

Personally I want to thank you for the conversations we had outside of Tech Fest. Just like NECC last year it is the conversations away from the conference that I am finding to be the most rewarding to me. It is a strange feeling meeting someone you feel like you know through their writing, their podcasts, and their thinking for the first time and getting to spend a week truly getting to know that person. It goes to show that even though these conversations in the digital world are amazing, there is still something great about a face to face conversation that we crave…which is a good thing and goes to show why teachers will never be replaced by computers all together. We still want and need that face to face interaction with people.

Tech Fest was a success, conversations started, plans for the future unveiled and an excitement that I hope I can harness, continue to keep going and help to create a school that is striving to be a leading International school by 2012.

But for now…it’s time for a break…Chinese New Year starts tomorrow and we get the week off. In 1 hour I fly to Bali where it is 85 degrees, sunny and white sandy beaches await. The place we are staying has no TV, no newspaper, no radio, and no real ‘connection’ to the outside world. The perfect place to reconnect with nature, to reflect on the pass week, catch up on some reading, and just be.

Until I return keep the conversation going and I’ll see you when I’m tan. 🙂



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