Last day of school 2006!

Well, we’re down to the last 3 hours of school for 2006. It’s been a long haul these past couple of months. We don’t get to enjoy the little 3 day weekends that are so popular in the States. We have been full on since Chinese National Day break in September. We did get half day on Friday over Thanksgiving. Worked Thanksgiving Day and then a half day for the weekend on Friday. It’s been a long run, you can see it in the students, and the teachers. Personally I can never remember being this happy for a Winter Break. I mean, we all love having the time off, but I’m really feeling it this year.

For those of you wondering, I had alluded to maybe moving from Shanghai this year, but after some great conversations with the administrative team and the Superintendent, I feel this is the right place for me. A vision is starting to take place here on what it means to be a 21st Century School. More on the details later, but I’m excited to be returning for a third year at Shanghai American School.

There are a couple of projects I’ve been in on that will probably take root in 2007. I’m excited for some new opportunities, some new conversations, and new direction with where education is headed. I, like many others lately, feel like the conversation is going in circles. We need a new direction, we need to move this forward. We need more Chris Lehmanns,Tim Lauers and Tim Tysons that just don’t sit here and talk it, but create schools that do it! Maybe I’m yelling at myself here a little bit. Here I sit with Administrators Certification trying to figure out how to “get in the game”. I’m 30 and have been told I’m “Too young and inexperienced” to run a school. Maybe they’re right for a 20th Century School…I think I’d go insane. 😉

And on that note here is something that I’m thinking about this last morning of school. Today is a half day before vacation. Each grade level at the Middle School is doing something fun, not so much educational, but just fun. Baking, laughing, hanging out. Which I understand is the social part of being in school. But why do we have a half day? Because of the old ‘seat time’ rule. Where students have to be in school so many hours/days, and a half day counts as a full day? Then why do we have full days? Why are we making students come to school just to have a party? The real reason why we are here today is because of seat time…not education…that bothers me a little bit.

So last year my wife and I went to Australia for the Holiday break, this year we’re off to Vietnam! On Friday we fly to Hanoi and then on the 27th to Hoi An. You will be able to find me here:
or here or here

Happy Holidays to you wherever you are, wherever you may go. May it be exactly what you need, what you want, whether spent relaxing on a beach or spending time with family, or watching Football. Just remember to

Live it Like you Love it!


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