K12online Shanghai LAN party podcast #5

It just keeps getting more interesting. This podcast is around the conversation that Ewan McIntosh started in his Keynote. I think this is our best conversation to date, because people are starting to feel more comfortable around the mic and the power of blogging/podcasting. We talk a lot about fear. Fear of blogging, fear of opening yourself up to a public audience, yet here is a group that one week ago I had to basically force to podcast. Now 5 podcasts later, three people took notes while listening to Ewan of things they wanted to say. No sooner did I turn Ewan off at the end of his keynote that people wanted me to press record. They did not need a prompt and that fear, fear of hearing their own voice, fear of ‘putting themselves out there’, fear of saying the wrong thing, is slowly leaving.

There is great professional power in this social network and it’s great watching my colleagues change around me as they learn more about what all this has to offer. It’s 35 minutes, but I think you will find it very engaging.


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