K12online and Shanghai LAN Parties

The K12online Conference kicks off today with a Pre-Conference Keynote from David Warlick. I haven’t watched it yet but plan to later today as I make final adjustments to our K12online Shanghai LAN Parties.

k12shanghai.jpgThis year we even have our own wiki site and once again have planned four 3 hour sessions where we will bring the conference local. Our resident digital artist David Gran even remixed the k12online logo to give it a little Shanghai flare for the parties. I like calling these LAN parties which stands for Local Area Network as we have teachers from 4 different schools in the Shanghai area getting together learning and forming those networks of learning we have all be talking about.

Our first K12online Shanghai LAN Party is October 16th. So if you are
in the Shanghai area and want to join please sign up on the wiki and
we’ll see you at the party!

I finished up my presentation yesterday on Sustaining Blogging in the Classroom. Not my best presentation by far. Throughout the presentation you can tell that I too am struggling with how to sustain blogs past that “Cool” factor in our classrooms. Not sure if anything I spew for 20 minutes is worth anything…guess only comments will tell. 🙂 But I also think it is good to show that these answers are not easy as we all in the Ed Tech network try and figure out how these new tools can be embeded into our classrooms as just everyday happenings instead of technology add-ons.


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