It's here…I can feel it

I’ve been feeling it for a couple days now as the weather here has started to change, but today I’m feeling it. Call it the ‘itch’ or the 20 years I played the game…but there is something in my blood that just knows when the time has come. It hit 60F here for the first time today, and even though we’re do for a cool down it doesn’t matter…I can smell it. The grass will start to grow, the trees will soon start to bud. I took the Thinking Stick off the wall today in my office and just gave it a little swing. Ah, the feeling, the memories, the seasons.

Yes…it’s here in Shanghai…i can feel it. I’ll be working out extra hard in the gym tonight. Loosing the arm, getting my legs back in shape. I don’t play ball anymore, but it doesn’t matter….if they ever need me…I’ll be ready.


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