Intro to Firefox2 for Educators Screencast

My first screencast is up over at U Tech Tips. A very basic tour for educators to get them familiar with Firefox. Basically to show that all the things that you are familiar with in IE are still there. Plus you learn how to add a theme.

The best part about this screencast is that the new Intro and Exit video clips for U Tech Tips were created by an 11th grade girl at my school who loves to create videos. I say a video she created in an assembly. Found out who she was and asked if she would make one for U Tech Tips. I was going to pay her, but she found out that the time she spend on creating the videos could be used as IB community service time. So that’s how she used it. I’m working on her to create a digital portfolio of her work for when she applies to Universities. This is the kind of thing that frustrates me. Here is a girl with a real talent with video and we have no way to harness that talent at our school…not this year anyway. There are so many classes I can think of that she could use to create videos. So many ways that she could represent reports differently than in paper form. I’m just glad I found her. I know how much time just a short clip like these can take to create, and I don’t have the time or knowledge to do it.

Enjoy the first screencast. If you want you can subscribe via iTunes and get the rest as they are created!


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