I'm struggling with Tech Standards again….

If technology is a tool…and we all agree it’s a tool right? Then why the heck do we need standards for it?

What are we trying to prove?

If you have a technology class..then yes there should be skills (a.k.a. standards) you are trying to teach students.

But…if it’s just a tool in the classroom that we’re using to produce and create information do we need to assess the tool, or the content we’re creating?

I spent one hour with these four girls showing them how a wiki works. That’s it, it was a tool…it could have been a hammer, a pencil, or any tool…but it just so happened that this tool is called a wiki and it takes a computer to access it.


What is it about this site that is exciting? Is it the technology or the content they produced?

I’m struggling here. If it’s embedded into the classroom…like it is in this classroom. We should not need to assess it. We should get excited over the content, grade the content based on content standards and appreciate that we have tools today that allow us to express our learning, and allow students to share their content with a global audience.


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