I'm still amazed

I mean I know you can do it…I’m doing it..but is this amazing or what.

My Mother-in-Law is on her way to China. Using a flight tracker and Google Earth I can watch in real time as she makes her way across the Pacific. Seeing that we are about 10 miles from the airport and it’s pretty foggy and because Google Earth is so cool, I did a quick search for ‘airport weather google earth’ and came up wit this link.So now I have the weather for over 3000 airports around the world at my finger tips. So I’m done for the rest of the day following my mother-in-law and giving my wife detailed updates every 10 minutes…just to fill up her inbox.

Flight ACA037 is at 37000 feet
Traveling at 470knots
About 4,000 NM from Shanghai
Weather conditions at PVG:
Vis: 1.1nm
Wind is N at 10kts
Ceiling: 1100ft

This is just crazy stuff!

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